We will create the future of food business through our abundant experience of the supply chain and the fresh and regional foods that we handle with.

We, Food Section of Nissin Unyukogyo , aim to be a food company that can meet the needs of our customers with abundant local foods based on our experienced logistics, customs clearance, and trade support services.



Our service

Providing local agricultual and marine products

Through our nationwide network, including local foods from Yamaguchi, we provide a variety of safe and secure foods from all over Japan to our customers overseas. Please feel free to contact us for consultation on export of foods.

Providing local seasoning, foods and beverage

We will realize proposals to overseas customers for processed foods, seasonings, beverages in various regions that are sold in Japan but not yet sold overseas. Please feel free to contact us for food export consultation.

Total support for trading

We provide customs clearance services for major ports and airports all over Japan, logistics services for domestic and overseas, and sales support in collaboration with local subsidiaries in China and Thailand.